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Q. What do we understand by Himalayan salt?

Himalayan salt are known to be one of the recently discovered health solutions. Himalayan salt is a pure and crystal-like salt originating millions of years ago from the primal sea. The primal sea islocated within the Himalayan Mountains having a depth of about a mile or more below the earth surface. The Himalayan salt created from the place scholars, researchers and scientists believe life was originated from became dried up as a result of the sun effect. This was then compressed for over a million years due to the land pressure exerted on it.

What this means for health-conscious consumers is that the Himalayan salt contains 84 different natural minerals and elements suitable for maintaining proper health condition, and provides healing functions for human beings and beneficial to the entire living environment.

Q. Where is the source of the Himalayan salt?

As said earlier, Himalayan salt comes from the deepest part of Himalayan Mountain. The salt is gathered from the deepest part of the Himalayan Mountain within the Khewra Salt Mine. The salt becomes shaped and crafted into a large variety of the naturally produced Himalayan salt products available for sale on this site.

Q. Why is edible Himalayan salt better than other types of traditional table salt or sea salt available in the market?

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Aside from the fact that it contains 84 different naturally occurring minerals and elements, it is also edible and naturally superior to other types of table salts, sea salts, or any other type of typical salt available in the market. I could remember my experience with Himalayan salt began a few years ago when it was first introduced to me. Now, Himalayan salt has become part of me regardless of the type of food I’m preparing; I only go for nothing than Himalayan salt for my raw food or meal preparations. It has a better taste compared to other types of salt. Since it is free from any chemically produced product, it is a better and healthier choice for every home and everyday consumption.

Q. Do Himalayan Salt products have any other applications or uses aside from consumption?

Basically, the Himalayan Salt has different uses ranging from health and wellness benefits. Some other products from the edible Himalayan Salt are Himalayan Salt Lamps; Himalayan Salt Spa and Bath products used for detoxifying, cleaning and adding minerals to the body, Himalayan cookware, and other products designed to relieve allergies and ease seasonal allergies symptoms and other sinus respiratory issues related to wellness and health.

Q. How do Himalayan salt lamps improve air quality?

As documented in our Himalayan Salt Lamp Review these lamps are a wonderful addition to your home, place of business or place of work.

The air from the Himalayan Salt lamp has both positive and negative ions. Therefore, to maintain a balanced and healthy living atmosphere, there is a need for both ions (positive ions, and negative ions) to be balanced or maintain stability. The electronic gadgets used in our various homes and working places (like televisions, computers, DVD players and our cell phones etc), cooling systems and heating systems from our offices (Air conditioner) produce a lot of positive ions causing imbalances to air in the environment.

The result of the imbalances to the air are stress, insomnia, sleep disorder, migraine headaches and sinus, allergies, asthma, and other health problems.

Himalayan Salt has a significant number of benefits with its mineral-rich characteristic, and part of which are natural ionizer and for purifying the air.

This salt can be a better option in fighting against every undesirable health effect caused as a result of the use of electronic gadgets that permeates our daily lives, reducing our body stress to its barest minimum, and causing a healthy breathing by purifying the air we breathe.

Aside from the fact that the Himalayan Salt Lamps is aesthetically beautiful and provides a warm and glowing environment, it also helps in producing natural negative ions. The negative ions produced by the Himalayan Salt Lamps help in alleviating symptoms caused as a result of allergies, headaches, sleep disorders, depression and other health issues.

The negative ions produced by the Himalayan Salt Lamps are also great ways in alleviating indoor pollutants. Pollutants like mildew, humidity, dust and other electromagnetic fields obtained from our daily use of electronic devices. They come in different sizes (small or large) to suit any room you want to ionize.

Q. what do we mean by negative ions?

These are tasteless and colorless molecules that are naturally abundant. We can get these negative ions from waterfalls, beaches, and Mountains. The effect of these negative ions in a human body is that it brings calmness and results into proper well-being.

To achieve the best air purifying result and optimal ionization, it is recommended that the Himalayan Salt Lamps be left lit as much as possible. The heat resulting from the light bulb in the Himalayan Salt Lamp has a great advantage by reducing the moisture build up around the Himalayan Salt Lamps. When you leave your Himalayan Salt Lamp turned on and plugged in, it creates a better and enjoyable surrounding for you. 

Q. where do I put my Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Putting Himalayan Salt Lamp in bedrooms, home offices, bathrooms, kitchens and dining tables give a pleasant atmosphere to the environment. Anywhere in your room where you spend some quality time is an excellent place to put your Himalayan Salt Lamp.

Not only does Himalayan Salt Lamp great at home, but it can also be an excellent addition to gyms, offices, spas and salons, yoga and fitness studios, stores, massage parlours and anywhere you feel is suitable to relax as it gives a pleasant atmosphere with clean air. 

You can also place the Himalayan Salt Lamp in bigger rooms. A large Himalayan Salt Lamp has higher tendencies of emitting more negative ions due to a large lamp surface area in the bigger room. Depending on your desired visual effect you really want to achieve from using the Himalayan Salt Lamp, You can ionize a large room either by using one or two large Himalayan Salt Lamps or by placing several smaller lamps in strategic areas in the room.

Q. What are the health benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Negative ions are emitted when the Himalayan Salt crystal from which the lamp is made of heats up. The negative ions release helps in cleansing the air, remove bacteria and dust from the atmosphere. The negative ions also help to fight and offset the dangerous effect of the positive ions produced from the use of electronic gadgets. Thunderstorms, waterfalls, and oceans are natural methods of producing negative ions. You’ll notice that people feel more relaxed in these natural environments like oceans, waterfalls etc. All mentioned are part of the benefits of using the Himalayan Salt Lamp and can be effectively used in places like homes, offices, and anywhere you wish to spend sometimes.

Q. What is included with my Himalayan Salt Lamp?

When you buy our natural and high quality Himalayan Salt Lamp, you are sure of a fully equipped Himalayan Salt Lamp with a standard UL certified cord, a 15-watt candelabra base light bulb, and a finely stained and polished rosewood base secured with stainless steel screws. Himalayan Salt Lamp is suitable as a gift item since they are all individually boxed and well packaged.

Q. How do I clean my Himalayan Salt Lamp?

This is a very good question as many people don’t know how to keep the Himalayan Salt Lamp clean. A perfect way of achieving this is to turn off the Himalayan Salt Lamp and allow it to cool for some time. Using a slightly damp cloth, towel or sponge, clean the moisture or dust particles on the surface of the Himalayan Salt Lamp. When this is done completely, turn on your Himalayan Salt Lamp and enjoy the glowing benefits.

Q. What makes Himalayan Salt Lamps so unique?

Please note, there will never be the same two Himalayan Salt Lamps product. Each of them is individually unique and naturally contains veins, cracks, and striations. They can be of different colors ranging from pure white color to light orange and sometimes, deep dark orange color closely similar to red color. The product style determines the weight and size, and we give approximations and averages. As a result of this, we may likely not be able to guarantee the exact shape, size, and color of your Himalayan Salt Lamps. We only guarantee that you are getting unique Himalayan Salt Lamps from us.

Q. Will my Himalayan Salt Lamp degrade over time?

Your Himalayan Salt Lamp will last forever so far you don’t submerge it in water or expose them to too much of moisture, you can be sure that you’ll really enjoy your Himalayan Salt Lamp. In high humidity, there may be a little sweat on the Himalayan Salt Lamp.

When the Himalayan Salt Lamp is on, there won’t be any form of sweat due to the heat emitted from the light bulb even during humid days. Using candle holders, please place a plastic coaster under the salt crystal most especially when it’s on a very sensitive surface. It also has a wooden base at the bottom of the salt crystal, and you can place it on any surface you want to. It is always a good idea to keep the surface of your Himalayan Salt Lamp protected by always placing something under the Himalayan Salt Lamp most especially when you have expensive furniture.

Q. How do I replace the bulb on my Himalayan Salt Lamp?

Ensure your Himalayan Salt Lamp is cool off and unplugged before attempting to change the bulb. Do this by carefully turning the lamp sideways, squeeze the metal prongs and pull out the bulb holder.

Replace the bulb holder with a new one. You can use 15 to 25-watt candelabra based bulb as this is a recommended type safe to use. Although the usual 7 to 10-watt candelabra base bulb found in the store can work very fine, for a better air purification, we recommend using a higher wattage bulb. To enjoy the maximum benefit, we recommend using the 25 watt candelabra bulb.

To save yourself from some stress, you can get the replacement bulb from us. You can get them from large retail stores around you like Home Depot or Lowe’s. You can also get them from your hardware stores in your neighborhood. You can get the replacement bulb from Dollar stores, and they have various colors bulb in stock looking great when used with your Himalayan Salt Lamp. You are free to choose whatever color suits you best, so feel free to experiment to find your desired color.

Q. How long should I leave my Himalayan Salt Lamp on?

To enjoy a greater air ionizing and purifying effect, you’re advised to always leave your Himalayan Salt Lamp on and once it’s on, you can enjoy a maximum ionizing benefit. 

The Himalayan Salt Lamp doesn’t draw much of electricity and uses a low wattage bulb. You can confidently leave them for a long time without any fear. If you are going on a very long vacation or trip, it is better you unplug till you return from your trip or vacation.

Q. Do Himalayan Salt Lamps pose any potential hazard?

As good and beneficial as the Himalayan Salt Lamps are, they do not pose any danger or hazard to anyone. Even if a low voltage is used, they do not get excessively hot. It is important to take necessary precautions when using with electrical devices as it must not be plug in an area close to a sink or bathroom. If you wish to clean or remove the dust from the surface, it is always good to unplug the lamp before making any attempt.

Q. Are there any other care instructions for my Himalayan Salt Lamp that I need to be concerned about?

Himalayan Salt Lamps tend to attract too much moisture particles from the environment, and that is why it is hygroscopic in nature. The effect of this moisture particle attracted from the environment is that the surface area of the lamp will begin to sweat as it works to prevent excessive moisture particles.

For a maximum benefit, the Himalayan Salt Lamp must never be exposed to rain, place in areas prone to moistures or dipped in water such as basements having poor ventilation and enough humidity except for our spa products.

Do not be afraid when you notice your Himalayan Salt Lamp begins to sweat, as it is part of its natural duty. When you notice that the Himalayan Salt Lamp sweats profusely, it indicates that the environment is too moist for the Himalayan Salt Lamp to perform or function as expected. If this is part of your experience, we urge you to get a better climate to ensure your Himalayan Salt Lamp lasts longer and works perfectly to cleanse and detoxify your environment.