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  • 100% Pure Authentic Himalayan Salt Crystals

  • Beautifully Crafted with Solid Rosewood Base

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An In-depth Review of Himalayan Salt Lamps

Experience the Tranquil Glow & Holistic Health Benefits of these Beautiful, Finely Crafted Salt Crystal Lamps!

Himalayan Salt lamp Review: 

Himalayan salt lamps are immensely popular for two primary reasons – soft lighting and appearance. These lamps are loaded with minerals, giving them their pink and orange hues. But that’s not all! 

They’re also popular for their health benefits. 

Himalayan salt lamps comprise of salt, meaning each salt lamp isn’t the same, and buyers will need to consider a multitude of things to ensure they purchase a Himalayan salt lamp they like. 

3 Reasons People Purchase A Himalayan Salt Lamp

  • Aesthetics

The first thing to consider when you’re in the market for a Himalayan salt lamp is the reason you want one. Aside from the health benefits many people purchase a lamp to spruce up the look of their home, and for a good reason. They are quite pleasing to the eye. They generate a soft light with a distinctive glow that is very pleasing and soothing to the soul. 

So, if you’re buying for purley for aesthetic reasons, you need to look at the lamp’s design and colors. Is the shape natural or has it been cut? 

  • Lighting

If lighting is what you’re after, it’s important to understand that Himalayan salt lamps don’t produce a lot of light. They’re better for a nightlight or a cool atmosphere, but not for reading. If lighting is what you’re after, then choose a Himalayan salt lamp that’s bigger and brighter in color. 

  • Health Advantages

Many people will buy a Himalayan salt lamp because of the health benefits they offer. Studies have confirmed that it’s the light bulb’s heat interaction with the salt crystals that is responsible. This heat allegedly releases the negative ions in the salt that help improve one’s health. The negative ions will destroy positive ions like air pollutants. These ions will fall to the ground or attach to a surface. 

A lamp with a higher-watt light bulb is needed to ascertain the benefits of a salt lamp. A higher-watt bulb generates a warm, ionizing effect.

What Colors Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Come In?

Himalayan salt lamps tend to come in either pink or orange, but may also be seen in red, brown and white. White-colored Himalayan salt lamps are rare, making them far more expensive than other salt lamps. They also don’t block as much light, which means it’ll be brighter. 

Many people choose to buy pink or orange salt lamps, as they emit warm, soft shades of light that people care more for. While the red salt lamps look good, they don’t block a lot of the light and are ideal more for a nightlight. 

What Can You Expect In Terms Of Weight and Salt?

Rock salt crystals can be extremely heavy. Therefore, a large Himalayan salt lamp needs a sturdy table to support the weight. If you’re looking online for a Himalayan salt lamp, the weight will affect the price you pay for shipping. 

Make sure the lamp you buy for its ionizing properties is big enough for the room it’ll be going into. Rather than a large lamp, consider the purchase of several small ones and space out around the room. 

What Kinds Of Shapes Do Himalayan Salt Lamps Come In?

There are two shapes that a Himalayan salt lamp is found in – crafted and natural.  

  • Salt lamps that are naturally shaped are made from large pieces of salt crystals that look similar to what is seen in nature.
  • Salt lamps that are crafted are hand carved into various shapes by skilled Artisans. 

While most Himalayan salt lamps are manufactured from one piece of salt crystal, there are many lamps on the market that are comprised of multiple small pieces of salt crystal. The “Bowl of Fire” lamp is one of the most popular salt lamp designs. This salt lamp is cut into a bowl with small bits of salt crystal. 

Should You Be Concerned About Bulb Types and Wattage?

Like any lamp you can buy, the Himalayan salt lamp can handle various kinds of light bulbs. However, it’s important to remember these lamps are meant for soft-like lighting, which takes a low wattage bulb such as 15 watts. If you want to use your Himalayan salt lamp for seeing reasons, you need to increase the bulb wattage used. 

Most people don’t consider the maximum bulb wattage when buying a salt lamp. It’s important you do this to ensure proper use of the salt lamp. 

What About the Lamp Base?

When in the market for a Himalayan salt lamp, you need to consider the base. Depending on the size and style these lamps can be quite heavy, which is why they should be mounted on a strong based.  

Most lamps come with a wooden base (in our opinion this is preferred), but it’s not uncommon for crafted Himalayan salt lamps to have a base made out of the salt. If looking at this kind of design, you want to be sure the salt lamp has a flat, wide base. It may also be a good idea to buy felt pads or something similar to keep it from chipping or scratching. 

What You Should Remember About Himalayan Salt Lamps

These lamps are well-known and highly-recognized for their beauty, the soft light they generate and the health benefits they provide. However, when in the market for one, you have to remember that a genuine Himalayan salt lamp can be heavy, which is why you need a size that works for you and the location you’ll be placing it. Carefully look through the various styles of lamps to find one that “speaks” to you ... For more information consult our Himalayan Salt lamp Buyers Guide
12 Beneficial Reasons to Place Himalayan Salt Lamps Throughout Your Home 

If you have never used a Himalayan salt lamp in your house, you are truly missing out. Think of the salt lamp like an open window – you allow fresh air to come into the home, but rather than opening a window, you can put the lamp on your desk, nightstand, in a living room, kitchen, etc. 

Himalayan salt lamps comprise of Himalayan salt crystals and have a plethora of environmental and health benefits. Not only are they beneficial to your environment but they’re also great natural light sources and spruce up the look of any home. 

Of course, Himalayan salt lamps have many benefits besides improving the look of a home. They generate negative ions that will improve the air quality in the home. Therefore, if you were to add a Himalayan salt lamp in every room, you can experience the environmental and health benefits. 

  • 1) Bring Balance to The Electromagnetic Radiation

All appliances – TVs, computers, tablets, cell phones, microwaves, etc. – emit positive ions into the atmosphere. This can cause an abundance of electromagnetic radiation to spew into the atmosphere. Although not seen with a naked eye, it can result in some major long-term effects. Continuous exposure to the radiation can lead to higher stress, lethargy and dampen the body’s immune system. 

Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions that reduce the amount of positive ions in the atmosphere and decreasing the electromagnetic radiation in the air. This will also help lower the amount of static in the air. 

  • 2) Breathing Improvement 

Tiny hairs in the lungs known a Cilia act as minute breathing filters. Negative ions can cause these hairs to work properly while the positive ions reduce their activity. The salt lamps are thought to better one’s breathing by emitting negative ions into the air, allowing for cleaner lungs. 

  • 3) Air Purifier, Deodorizer and Cleanser

These salt lamps have been known to clean the air through a process known as hygroscopy. This is the process where contaminated water molecules are absorbed and locked into the salt crystal. Therefore, the salt lamps can get rid of dust, cigarette smoke, pet smells, etc. that are in the air. With the salty air, it aids in improving your health and leads to clearer air passages. 

  • 4) Decrease in Asthma and Allergy Symptoms 

It’s thought that these salt lamps can filter pet dander, mold, mildew and dust out of the air, alleviating your allergy symptoms. People who have asthma or major allergies are believed to see the benefits of a Himalayan salt lamp. Many Himalayan salt lamp manufacturers have developed salt inhalers to help people with breathing problems.

  • 5) Ease the Symptoms Associated With the Cold & Flu

It’s possible that the Himalayan salt lamp’s negative ions can protect the body from airborne germs such as the common cold and flu. Besides getting rid of those contaminants, the salt enables the body to more effectively filter the air so that foreign particles are unable to make it into your lungs. Thus, reducing your chance of suffering from a sore throat, sneezing, coughing, etc. 

  • 6) Improvement in Blood Flow

According to various studies, negative ions have been shown to improve the flow of blood. This also helps to improve many vascular system disorders and stop damage from occurring to the lungs.

  • 7) Higher Energy Levels

Unfortunately, positive ions are not so positive for the body. In fact, it can drain the body of the energy it has. However, negative ions have been proven to raise the body’s energy levels, making it feel refreshed like it spent time in the outside world. 

  • 8) Improvement in Concentration & Performance 

Negative ions help to alleviate the amount of stress the body feels and better its performance. It also raises the amount of blood and oxygen flowing to the brain. Therefore, the purchase of a Himalayan salt lamp can improve your overall concentration. These salt lamps have been shown to help the brain release serotonin, making you feel happier. 

  • 9) Mood Improvement 

According to various studies, negative ions can raise the amount of serotonin the brain produce, improving your mood and raising your energy levels. A person who suffers from seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or depression can benefit from a Himalayan salt lamp.

  • 10) Decrease Stress and Aid in Relaxation 

These salt lamps are useful for color therapy, which is another way in which to diagnose and treat various illnesses. Himalayan salt lamps generate a soft light of ambient red, yellow and orange. These colors can reduce your stress level, promote relaxation and help with ADD (attention deficit disorder). It also brings balance back to the emotional, physical and spiritual energy.

  • 11) Better Sleep

Constant exposure to positive ions decreases the oxygen and blood supply the brain gets. This causes irregular sleep patterns to take hold. However, the negative ions of a salt lamp can reverse the effect and help you to sleep better. People who suffer from insomnia can also benefit from the lamp’s soothing light. 

  • 12) Eco-Friendly Source of Light 

Himalayan salt lamps are regarded as eco-friendly, using a low-wattage bulb that doesn’t use a lot of energy. Some lamps get their power from a lit candle. The light of a Himalayan salt lamp is similar to what you see with a campfire, are great for evening light sources and are useful for night lamps in the overnight hours. 

If you’ve been looking for a product that will add beauty to your home and produce a unique experience to all who live or visit it, Himalayan salt lamps are the way to go. Along with the benefits it provides aesthetically, they also produce genuine health benefits. What’s better than that?

Terrible Return Policy 

Reputable Himalayan salt lamp manufacturers know how fragile the salt lamp is. Therefore, they provide their customers with flexible return policies. If you notice a supplier is strict about a return, you need to be aware that they may be 

How to Determine if a Himalayan Salt Lamp is Authentic or Fake!

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is: how do you know if your lamp is authentic? Most people can agree that Himalayan salt lamps are really cool to look at, but many don’t realize just how amazing they are. Himalayan salt lamps offer a plethora of health benefits, which makes them one of the most sought-after health and wellness products on the market today.

This has led to a rise in their popularity, but it also means some unscrupulous people are taking advantage of it and make a profit off selling counterfeit salt lamps to unsuspecting buyers. The signs of a counterfeit Himalayan salt lamp isn’t that obvious, but there are ways in which to find out if your salt lamp is the real deal or fake. 

Salt Lamp Is Extremely Bright 

Himalayan salt crystals have a color range of dark orange to medium pink. The salt comprises of various minerals, which means the light will be uneven and mute, causing a soft, warm glow. If you have a small Himalayan lamp that’s producing enough light for an entire room, it’s probably a fake. 

​It Contains White Crystal and Was Cheap

Himalayan salt crystals will illuminate an orange hue, and even though white Himalayan salt is available, it’s highly coveted and will be extremely expensive compared to the colored varieties. If you see a white salt crystal lamp that’s priced about the same as the others, it’s probably not a true Himalayan salt lamp.

The Salt Lamp is Really Durable

A huge issue people have with real Himalayan salt lamps is how delicate they are. It’s not unheard of for the lamps to become damaged in shipping when not properly packaged or transported. If you bump the lamp into another object, it could chip the salt crystal. Should you have dropped it or bumped the salt lamp into something and it did not chip, it’s not likely the real thing.

It Deals With Moisture Really Well

The great thing about true Himalayan salt lamps is that they cleanse the air around them. It does that by absorbing the moisture in the air, and the moisture particulates are then evaporated back into the atmosphere. 

The process is known as hygroscopy and can cause sweating for real salt lamps. The best way to combat sweating is to leave the salt lamp on all the time. They don’t use a lot of energy, which means your electric bill doesn’t take much of hit.

Move the Himalayan salt lamp to a less humid area of the home – away from the kitchen, bath and laundry room. 

You could also use a higher-wattage bulb to produce more heat and help the water inside to evaporate quickly. Never go beyond the manufacturer’s recommended bulb wattage. 

However, if your salt lamp doesn’t sweat even though you live in an area that gets really humid, it’s probably not the real deal. 

You’re Not Seeing Any Health Benefits 

If you are not experience any of the reported health benefits that go along with owning an authentic Himalayan salt lamp then there is a good chance that your is not real. Himalayan salt lamps are known to alleviate allergy and asthma symptoms, boost energy levels and counteract SAD (seasonal affective disorder) among other benefits. 

The Lamp Does Not Originate From the Khewra Salt Mine in Pakistan

Genuine Himalayan salt comes from deep within Khewra, Pakistan's underground salt mines. Khewra can be found on the western side of the mountains and is the only place you can get actual Himalayan salt. If you’re unsure if the lamp is real or not, you can ask the manufacturer questions as to where the salt is from. Be mindful that some manufacturers will list the country where the lamp was made.
selling fake Himalayan salt lamps. What they’re hoping for is that you don’t know the truth about their product until you can no longer get your money back. ​it’s not uncommon for Himalayan salt lamps to become damaged in shipping because of how fragile they are. If a company is selling these salt lamps, they should be flexible in their exchanges and refunds.


Himalayan salt lamps not only add warmth and tranquility to your living space they also offer an abundance of health benefits that can't be denied. Himalayan salt lamps have been used therapeutically for 1000's of years, in fact early evidence indicates that (candle lit) salt lamps were first used by the the Indus Valley Civilization of Pakistan (3300–1300 BC).

Aside from being powered by electricity today's Himalayan salt lamps are really no different than they were those thousands of years ago, they still offer the same soft warm glow, ambient lighting and therapeutic benefits that people have come to love.

Buying a quality salt lamp from a reputable supplier can be challenging if you don't know what to look for, so by publishing this Himalayan salt lamp review and revealing our #1 recommendation you can rest assured knowing that you will be buying the most authentic, highest quality & superiorly crafted Himalayan salt lamps in the industry... Go ahead buy with confidence!
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